Among the last untapped Western onshore basins

Our Tasmania project is one of the last, high-potential, untested onshore projects in the western world.


Our affiliate, ATR Tasmania LLC controls a majority interest in both the EL30/2011 and EL3/2017 licenses in Tasmania, Australia


The projected potential for the basin is 1.5 billion barrel-oil-equivalent of oil and natural gas or more.


Recent advanced satellite-based exploration studies have confirmed the enormous potential in the basin. Numerous drilling targets have been identified. 

We are seeking investors to partner as we prepare to drill these excellent prospects which have identified and confirmed through numerous geological and geophysical studies. It is important to note that considerable exploration dollars have been spent on the basin already by prior license holders (USD25 million) and significant potential has been defined by the 2D seismic which was acquired and processed.


The Competent Person’s Report from RPS (www.rpsgroup.com/energy.aspx) and other information is available for review.

Innovative work program “funnels into” the most prospective drilling targets in the 1.8 million-acre license

  • Shovel ready project with rule of law and easy market access

  • Compelling valuation for investor for 1.5 billion+ BOE potential 

  • Extensive G&G data, oil seeps and competent person’s reports and Terra studies support enormous resource projections

  • Excellent drilling prospects

  • The most prospective acreage in the basin

  • High chance of discovery providing for quick exit

  • Projected 8X and 121X exit opportunity within 3 to 4 years


TTR Licenses

are located onshore in

the Tasmania Basin

Many TCF and

billions of barrels

of oil have been

produced from

Bass Strait


Analogous basins Cooper / Eromanga in onshore in Central Australia have 100s of millions of barrels and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas reserves

BELLEVIEW DOME - Projected 3 Trillion Cubic Feet of Gas

One of Several Large EL3 License Drilling Prospects

Structure map of the top of Upper Limestone

Structure map of the top of Lower Limestone

  • Target evaluated based on 2D seismic lines TB01 PB, TB01 TI and TB01 TD passing through the prospect Bellevue Lead

  • Consistent with the report by RPS Energy, two potential reservoirs are mapped as 4-way closures

  • The color blends and structure map generated using the 2D seismic lines clearly indicate for a compressional, folded anticline with axial deformation

  • The Upper and Lower limestones show the bright amplitude response and can be clearly differentiated from the neighboring formations. The fault closure is prominent and is interpreted as a prospective target, if the limestone has secondary porosity

Numerous EL30 License Drilling Prospects

Bracknell Dome Drilling Prospect - Projected 20 Million BOE

Bracknell Dome 2D Seismic - Projected 20 Million BOE

Bracknell Dome.png