Alexandre Agaian, Ph.D.

Director & Technnology Advisor

Alexandre Agaian, Ph. D. is a serial entrepreneur with many successful ventures to his credit over his long career. He is a Director of Arista Terra Resources, LLC as well as President and Chairman of Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc., and a published scientific researcher. He co-leads the technical side of prospect evaluation in the various ATR exploration ventures and is a board member of Terra Tasmania Resources, Pty. Ltd., the local company based in Tasmania, Australia which holds licenses comprised of a large oil & gas exploration and production lease. He has been with Terra since 2008 and, along with the board and executive management team of Terra, he jointly oversees all aspects of Terra’s various business interests including exploration services for oil and mining companies, proprietary resource acquisition and development, as well as technology research, development and acquisition. He also is dedicated to doing everything he can to help the Terra Technologies achieve industry recognition and acceptance, and exceeding investor’s expectations who are involved with Terra. 

Prior to 2008, he co-founded and led executive teams in many companies, most of which had successful exits. The list includes a public oil company (BNB Munai), mini-refineries, several oil and gold projects in Kazakhstan and Ukraine and a corporation with business interests and relationships in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Prior to 1992, Dr. Agaian co-founded and led several successful banking companies in Eastern Europe. 

Dr. Agaian graduated from the State University of Tbilissi (Georgia, former USSR) in 1973, summa cum laude, with a degree in applied cybernetics, and received a Ph.D. in 1980 from The Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow in the field of computer networking.