ATR Energy is a Hi-tech drilling venture which is using the best conventional and innovative exploration tools available today 

The Plan

ATR launched a few years ago with ATR Energy, LLC (ATRE), an oil & natural gas drilling venture, currently operating in Texas and Louisiana, which is going after “in-field” and “near-field” joint venture drilling opportunities managed by respected local E&P operators. ATRE qualifies all prospects with local geological, geophysical and engineering expertise, and then integrates its Terra satellite studies before making a decision to invest in respective drilling prospects/projects. ATRE partners with the local operating companies on a non-operated basis,and is building a diversified portfolio of producing oil and gas wells. We’ve enjoyed industry-beating results and are growing. Interested investors are welcome and should contact the Company CEO to learn more.

The Oil Patch

Thousands of oil and/or natural gas wells are drilled in the United States every year. Some are winners. But many are dry or uneconomic. ATRE has a great network in the Gulf Coast oil patch and sees a steady flow of drilling opportunities (100s per year). Our proprietary prospect evaluation process is designed to reduce risk and increase drilling success. We are not talking about the popular shale wells drilled with horizontal methods and fracking. These are expensive and the Wall Street herd has stampeded into the space, driving up the cost of acreage. We are talking about old-school, conventional-type wells, drilling vertically - mainly into sandstones located in “un-tested fault blocks”. They cost less than shale drills and the good ones pay back many times the investment.

Due Diligence on Steroids

There is great opportunity, but also risk. That is where the ATR Evaluation Process comes in. We have seen our process prove its merits over many drills.  We focus on the “3 D’s”: (i) Data (well-logs, subsurface mapping and seismic), (ii) Diligence (evaluation of data using skilled professionals) and (iii) Diversification (minority interests, spread over many wells, so that we don’t have too much riding on any one drill).

ATR’s 3-Screen Evaluation

We employ 3 separate screens prior to deciding on whether to participate in a drilling prospect. First, we perform what we call Executive Review, which is a quick scan of all relevant risk factors (geoscience, terms, economics, operator reputation, legal, etc.), to see if a prospect meets ATR’s risk/reward criteria at a high level. If a prospect survives the 1st screen, it goes through detailed evaluation by our Houston-based geoscience and engineering consultant(s). If the prospect passes that test, then we run Terra’s STeP satellite, remote-sensing technology as a final confirmation. On average, about one out of six prospects survives the evaluation and is recommended for drilling. The Investment Committee then makes the final decision on whether to participate and for how much.

Terra Techonologies

Terra's proprietary STeP® technology consists of multiple, unique, independent remote-sensing and analytical methods, the results of which are integrated into actionable, high-value analysis and conclusions. The two primary methods ATRE relies upon are Structuremetric Analysis and Proprietary Spectrometric Analysis, but it also uses the other STeP or Terra methods on a case by case basis. The hydrocarbon exploration services offered by Terra are accurate, cost-effective, fast and efficient.