Opportunity, Demand and High-Return ... Provided its with the Right Team & Tech

  • Accounting firm PwC projects world GDP will double by the year 2042 from 2016 levels, growing at a 2.6% annual clip, and the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that global energy demand will rise even faster. 

  • Despite impressive growth in the renewable energy sector, the (EIA) forecasts oil & natural gas will remain dominant for the foreseeable future, supplying 77% of the world's energy by 2040.

  • Oil & natural gas E&P is a $2 trillion global industry that needs to grow to keep pace. 

  • Drilling oil & gas wells provides huge payoffs for investors with one condition: knowing where to drill. 

  • Partner Terra Energy & Resource Technologies gives ATR an important and valuable geo-technical edge, providing revolutionary oil & gas-finding capabilities and risk reduction. 

  • ATR's evaluation process will disrupt the industry and provide extraordinary rewards to its investors. 


Arista Terra Resources, LLC (ATR) was born when several entrepreneurs with many years of international exploration experience got together with a simple idea: find a better way to invest in natural resources.


ATR is a high-tech exploration & production company which excels at the "finding part" of the business, while delegating all other aspects to seasoned industry partners, operators and consultants. Given that exploration is the hardest part of the business, our capabilities give us an advantage over other industry participants in the most critical area: subsurface risk reduction.  


ATR counts among its partners Terra Energy & Resource Technologies (Terra), an innovative, exploration services geoscience company known for industry-beating success-rates in finding oil and gas. Terra brings a team of highly credentialed, seasoned geoscientists with 100's of years of experience and success in finding natural resources. By integrating Terra’s unique tools with traditional methods, ATR is well positioned to be a high-growth, independent oil & natural gas company.


Currently we participate in exploration and production operations in the Gulf Coast Mid-Continent area of the U.S. (mainly Texas and Louisiana), as well as in Tasmania (Southeast Australia).  



Significant risk reduction


ATR incorporates the studies of conventional geologists, geophysicists and engineers, in addition to studies provided by Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc., for unparalleled risk reduction as it drills for oil & natural gas.   

The Opportunity:

At its inception, ATR has assessed the risk/reward set up in the typical exploration oil or gas drilling prospect or field and identified subsurface assessment (geology) as the greatest risk and also the greatest opportunity. In short, exploration success rates remain well below acceptable levels (never mind optimal levels). The uncomfortable reality of the exploration business is that the vast majority of exploration drilling is economically unsuccessful. This is an amazing statistic. It means that the few good wells must make up for all the bad ones.

ATR’s assessment provides the following conclusions:


  • There is a massive arbitrage opportunity available to technology innovators who can reduce risk in natural resource exploration.


  • While there is an important role for conventional exploration methods such as gravity studies, magnetic studies and seismic, they all fall far short of where industry wants to be in terms of success rates.


  • Upstream oil & gas companies who gain an advantage on subsurface analysis, even an incremental edge, can expect lower risk and higher returns. 

The Geo-Technology:

We like to say that Terra is the "Sherlock Holmes" of geoscience remote-sensing because Terra's technologies solve "geological mysteries" using clues which are hiding in plain sight. Well, to be fair, there is a lot that goes into it. But the end result is simple: Terra’s geo-technologies connect pixel-patterns and calculated features with oil & gas reservoirs. This is not speculation. It has been proven over and over across 150+ projects worldwide. It is a revolutionary breakthrough. 

In layman’s terms, Terra's studies provide important new insights on the subsurface independent of other methods, revealing and/or confirming important features critical to resource discovery. By integrating these methods, risk is reduced substantially. The ATR evaluation process integrates Terra's studies with conventional geological and geophysical analysis (standard industry tools) to produce a more comprehensive understanding of the risks and rewards in each oil & gas drilling prospect. Simply stated, it stands to reason that our evaluation process will enable us to succeed far more often than the average oil company. 



ATR Prospect Evaluation Process:

Better data translates to better investment decisions.

  • We screen many prospects, focusing initially on the basics: sufficiency of information, quality, geology, depth, economics and experience/reputation of the operator.


  • Most prospects are tossed; but for those remaining, we task our geologists, geophysicists and engineers with performing a thorough, detailed analysis x.

  • Then we add our independent geo-technical assessment using Terra’s satellite, remote sensing technologies and their team PhDs and specialists with 100s of years of combined oil & gas exploration experience.

  • Finally, we consider all factors to decide whether to participate or not and for how much, managing risk both at the prospect level and the portfolio-weighting level.

  • In the end, unmatched risk reduction is achieved.

Risk reduction translates into profits:

This reveals an important opportunity. If an investor which invests in drilling prospects can succeed more often, the rewards are high. Good wells can payout at 3X, 10X or 100X. Higher success rates in a portfolio of better-class wells results in significant outperformance. 



 Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. (Terra) is a partner and geoscience advisor to ATR.  Terra is the "Sherlock Holmes" of geoscience remote-sensing because Terra's technologies solve "geological mysteries" using clues it finds during its sophisticated processing of satellite and digital elevation maps/terrain data. Terra is a unique, space-age technology service company operating in the field of natural resource detection, exploration, and development. Terra offers innovative, satellite-based, remote sensing and analytical exploration services, innovative geochemical methods, and innovative microseismic and passive seismic exploration services, which leverage a suite of proprietary technologies proven effective in exploring for oil & gas, metals, gems, and other minerals.
The Terra Technologies provide different and complimentary data sets based on new models of tectonics, passive acoustic emissions, fractal geology, machine-learning geoinformatics, resource-derived stress signatures and other innovative interpretations of information associated with the Earths. Terra is a technology aggregator bringing together the synergistic application of geology, geophysics, advanced mathematics and remote sensing finding new connections between pixel-patterns and subsurface features. Terra is integrate its methods with conventional geological and geophysical interpretation and analysis to produce a more comprehensive and accurate model of the subsurface and it treasures. The Terra Technology Suite of services cuts the time, cost and risks associated with resource exploration.

Sub Terrain Prospecting "STeP"

Naturally Absorbed Gas Services "NAGS"

Side View Seismic Locator "SVSL"

Seismic Locations - Emission Centers "SLEC"

NAGS Analysis


Arista Terra Resources is currently pursuing projects in both Texas, USA and Tasmania, Australia.  For more details on our active projects in each region, click on the country buttons below.  Further information is available by contacting us at the number or email provided below.






James M. Reardon (JR)
Managing Director

JR is a seasoned business, marketing and finance professional with more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience, having raised many millions of dollars for various ventures. He serves as ATR’s Managing Director and holds leadership positions in several companies which work closely with Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. (Terra) including Chief Marketing Officer for Terra, CEO for ATR Energy, LLC, a Gulf Coast Texas drilling investment company and Managing Director for ATR Tasmania LLC, a holding company with a significant equity interest in a Tasmania, Australia oil & gas exploration & production company. JR's career includes many years' experience in risk assessment, underwriting, management, capital finance, sales and marketing. In recent years, he has focused most of his energies on the realization of Terra’s promise as a natural resource exploration innovator and disruptor.


Over his career, he has developed, marketed and managed numerous private placement investments for various natural resources and real estate sponsors. Prior to 2005, JR held various senior sales positions with insurance and financial companies such as UnitedHealth Group, CIGNA, JP Morgan Chase, Met Life and Unum, winning many sales and achievement awards along the way. 

JR received his undergraduate degree in Geology from Williams College in 1986 and lives in Rowayton CT with his wife. When not working, he enjoys physical training, the outdoors, golf and spending time on the coast of Maine.

Dmitry Vilbaum

Dmitry is an accomplished information technology engineer, entrepreneur and oil man. He is a Director of Arista Terra Resources, LLC and the CEO of Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. He leads the technical side of prospect evaluation in the various ATR exploration ventures and is a member of the ATR Energy investment committee. Dmitry also serves as the CEO and as a board member of Terra Tasmania Resources, Pty. Ltd., the local company based in Tasmania, Australia which holds licenses comprised of a large oil & gas exploration and production lease. He has drilled several wells in Texas and Nevada, structured and raised many millions of dollars for oil projects, and technology acquisitions.


Along with the board and executive management team of Terra, Dmitry currently oversees all aspects of Terra’s various business interests including exploration services for oil and mining companies, proprietary resource acquisition and development, as well as technology research, development and acquisition. His vision has been to put the Terra Technologies “on the map” in terms of acceptance by industry and also rewarding investors who have joined in Terra ventures.  Prior to 2005, Dmitry held leadership positions for several major financial companies including Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Newbridge Securities, Deloitte & Touche LLP, managing enterprise-wide information technology systems.


Dmitry received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in 1995 from the City University of New York. He lives in Forest Hills, New York with his wife and two children, and enjoys fishing, scuba diving and managing his backyard Koi fish pond.

Alexandre Agaian, Ph.D.

Alex is a serial entrepreneur with many successful ventures to his credit over his long career. He is a Director of Arista Terra Resources, LLC as well as President and Chairman of Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc., and a published scientific researcher. He co-leads the technical side of prospect evaluation in the various ATR exploration ventures and is a board member of Terra Tasmania Resources, Pty. Ltd., the local company based in Tasmania, Australia which holds licenses comprised of a large oil & gas exploration and production lease. Alex has been with Terra since 2008 and, along with the board and executive management team of Terra, he jointly oversees all aspects of Terra’s various business interests including exploration services for oil and mining companies, proprietary resource acquisition and development, as well as technology research, development and acquisition. He also is dedicated to doing everything he can to help the Terra Technologies achieve industry recognition and acceptance, and exceeding investor’s expectations who are involved with Terra.

Prior to 2008, Alex co-founded and led executive teams in many companies, most of which had successful exits. The list includes a public oil company (BNB Munai), mini-refineries, several oil and gold projects in Kazakhstan and Ukraine and a corporation with business interests and relationships in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. ​Prior to 1992, he co-founded and led several successful banking companies in Eastern Europe.

Alex graduated from the State University of Tbilissi (Georgia, former USSR) in 1973, summa cum laude, with a degree in applied cybernetics, and received a Ph.D. in 1980 from The Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow in the field of computer networking. 



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